The National Nurturing Schools Programme

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Course details

Duration: 18 months
Fee: £3,000 per school (excl. VAT)*
Format: online, mix of live sessions and platform-based activities
Group size: up to 12 delegates (6 schools)


* cost is split in two payments: £1,800 upon booking and £1,200 a year later

Course overview

The course is designed for two participants per school, one of whom should be a member of the Senior Leadership Team. 

A maximum of six schools can attend group sessions, to ensure that every participant is fully involved in the sessions and receives the necessary support.  

We recommend that each participant accesses the online sessions through a different computer, so they have their own Zoom tile. We also suggest that all participants find a quiet space, where they’re unlikely to be disturbed. 

Depending on your school’s IT security, you may find it difficult to access Zoom – in which case we recommend accessing the course from a different location.

The programme in short:

  • The first 3 live group sessions are delivered during the first month.
  • There are live sessions which take place after 4 months, 8 months and 12 months (a mixture of group and individual sessions).
  • Each school receives 400 credits, to select from a menu of options which can be used for:
    • extra 1:1 support with a nurtureuk consultant, which can be used at any time during the programme (we recommend that this is later than 4 months into the programme).
    • Publication purchases.
    • Additional training - other nurtureuk trainings and webinars.

Delegates will receive a 2 year subscription to the Boxall Profile® online (value from £640 + VAT  to £1800 + VAT for the 2 years). 

Delegates will also have access to our Boxall Profile® Competencies course, one per NNSP delegate i.e. 2 per NNSP course and 10 additional credits for the school to be allocated as deemed appropriate.

The National Nurturing Schools Programme costs £3,000 excl. VAT** per school (for two participants). This is divided into two payments: 

    •  Year 1 £1,800 +VAT
    •  Year 2 £1,200 + VAT
What will I learn?

The course lasts up to 18 months, and is structured as follows:

Programme structure Time allocations Method

Session One: Introduction

Module One: A whole school approach

·         Nurture Principles and Practice

·         The Boxall Profile®

3 hours online

Whole group, tutor-led

The Boxall Profile® Online Competencies Course


Approx. 2-3 hours Independent task
Completion of the Nurture Principles and Practice audit for Session 2 Approx. 2 hours Independent task

Session Two:Recap and review of task outcomes

Module Two: Rationale

·         Attachment theory and neuroscience

·         Resilience and vulnerability

3 hours online

Whole group, tutor-led

Session Three: Recap and review of task outcomes

Module Three

·         Areas of development and programme resources

4 hours online

Whole group, tutor-led

4 months review Focus: Self-assessment including nurture principles 3 hours review

Whole group, tutor-led

8 months review Focus: The Boxall Profile® 3 hours review

Whole group, tutor-led

12 months review Focus: Self-assessment review and planning

Window for submission

1 hour review

Individual setting with tutor


Each setting has an allocation of 400 points which can be used for  consultancy support, training, online webinars and publications.

Please see the attached menu for options, each element is costed in points

400 credits


Assessment and certificates

If you’d like your school to be recognised for providing pupils with a higher level of nurturing support, you can apply for The National Nurturing School Award, which is assessed and awarded by nurtureuk against the NNSP Standards.

This award from nurtureuk demonstrates that you have achieved our standards and are able to support your children in school to achieve their full potential, in house meaning that you are less likely to need to bring in outside agencies, saving money in the long-term. 

If your school is successful, this award lasts for 3 years, after which you can apply for re-accreditation.


This is an online course for educators who want to develop and embed a nurturing culture and ethos within their schools. 

The programme supports Quality First Teaching and promotes healthy outcomes for children and young people, by focusing on their emotional needs and development alongside their academic learning. 

Offering a mixture of group sessions, 1:1 sessions, consultancy and an optional menu of credits to self select options with consultants guidance.

It is designed to complement work that is already taking place in a school – for example, other mental health initiatives – rather than as a standalone programme. 

What delegates say


The course has been great, and left me feeling eager to get back to school and get started. You have delivered it with a lovely supportive manner that means I feel comfortable that I can come to you with any questions/queries.


I am pleased with the structure and resources which will help shape our whole school journey, and I appreciate the opportunity to share practice and have the time to reflect with other participants.


After yesterday, I have a realistic and achievable plan that will move us on as a school, me forward on the project and most importantly, the children will gain from it.


I found this really useful to refresh my knowledge and reflect on my practice. Good to be able to link with other local professionals too.