**Now delivered online!**

At nurtureuk we have a wealth of experience of setting up and running nurture groups and many years experience of training teachers to have the skills and knowledge to run their nurture groups in the best possible way. We also understand how daunting it can be to start a nurture group from scratch. This is where our consultancy comes in.

We will work with you to make sure we deliver a structured consultancy package specifically for your school, from a school audit for nurture, social, emotional and mental health through to support for nurture group staff.

So we understand exactly what is needed, we work closely with senior management and staff to develop the nurture ethos throughout the whole school. Starting with a school audit, we will develop recommendations for your school and your nurture group.

We can provide in-house support and advice for the professional development of all staff. We also make sure SENCos and inclusion managers are supported in their roles around SEMH and take into account efficient use of resources, provision mapping and person-centred planning. 

To make sure the right mix of pupils participate in the nurture group, we can offer observations and feedback on pupils exhibiting social, emotional, behavioural and mental health needs as part of a graduated approach. We believe that nurture should permeate the whole school, so we can advise on whole school and group systems designed to support the emotional wellbeing and nurturing ethos of the whole school community.

Our consultants also work with local authorities to develop nurture settings for now and for the future and can help draw up and implement transformation plans. We can deliver training to local authority staff to develop a ‘whole-authority’ approach using nurture principles and work with them regarding safeguarding and new inspections.

What consultancy can do for you

  • Help you set up a nurture group to be successful right from the start
  • Plan the development of your nurture group in your setting so it’s right for you, your pupils and your school
  • Offer strategies and resources for you to implement both in your nurture group and in the classroom
  • Help develop transition within the whole school

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