Our Programmes

At nurtureuk, we can deliver large-scale programmes to support education professionals across whole cities, regions or counties. Most recently, we have been commissioned to deliver the Nurturing Solihull and Nurturing Surrey Programmes, whilst continuing to deliver the Nurturing Kent Programme and the Inclusive and Nurturing Schools Programme. Find out more about our commissioned programmes below. 

Current programmes

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Nurturing Kent

We have been commissioned by Kent County Council to deliver a three-year county-wide programme across 300 mainstream primary and secondary schools. The programme aims to support inclusion by promoting a whole-school nurturing approach.

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Nurturing Solihull

We have been commissioned by Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to deliver the National Nurturing Schools Programme to 54 schools across the borough. The programme will be delivered across four cohorts, with the first cohort starting in February 2024.

Four school pupils and a teacher in a classroom

Inclusive and Nurturing Schools

The London Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) has commissioned charities nurtureuk and Tender to deliver their Inclusive and Nurturing Schools Programme, a programme aimed at tackling school exclusions in 70 schools across seven London boroughs.

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Nurturing Surrey

We have partnered with the Schools Alliance for Excellence (SAfE) to deliver the Surrey Nurturing Schools Programme to 100 settings in the county. This programme will help to support thousands of children with their wellbeing.

Previous programmes

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Kent Violence Reduction Programme

The Kent and Medway Violence Reduction Unit Programme, which began in September 2020, aimed to support schools in reducing instances of exclusion and youth violence in local communities.

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London Violence Reduction Programme

The London Violence Reduction Unit Programme began in January 2020 with the aim of reducing instances of school exclusion and youth violence in local communities through a whole-school nurturing approach.