Our charity

We are nurtureuk, an organisation dedicated to improving the social, emotional, mental health and wellbeing of children and young people (CYP). 
We’ve been at the forefront of the nurture movement for over 50 years, and today – with ever more children and young people affected by issues that can impact their learning – our work is more vital than ever.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is a world where:
  1. Child development isn’t limited by lack of nurture in education
  2. Adults working with and caring for CYP are supported and equipped with evidence-based tools to help them flourish and learn
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Our mission

nurtureuk is dedicated to improving life chances of children and young people by promoting nurture across the whole education system and beyond: 

  • We are proud of being a charity and driven by social purpose 
  • Children’s and young people’s development is at the heart of everything we do 
  • We want to amplify the benefits of nurture for CYP within and beyond the classroom 
  • We are evidence-based and practice-led: guided by the 6 principles of nurture

Our strategic goals

  1. Every child’s education and development embraces nurture
  • This means that UK schools understand the Theory and Practice of Nurture and they understand the benefits of having accreditation from nurtureuk. 
  • We also want Ofsted to endorse schools who implement a whole-school approach to Nurture.
A boy playing in a nurture group in school
A boy dressed as a superhero in a nurture group at school
  1. Boxall Profile® integrated into every school’s nurturing activities
  • We want the Boxall Profile® to be nationally recognised as the best tool to assess SEMH of pupils.
  • We want the Boxall Profile® to be funded by local education authorities for school-wide implementation - such as the work we are doing with Kent County Council and across various multi-academy trusts.


  1. UK governments adopt nurture for all children 
  • Recognising that nurture is integral to addressing pupils’ social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs
  • Recognising that nurture is a key part of the solution to school exclusions, and reflecting this in government guidance, policy and regulatory frameworks.
  • Making nurture a key part of all teacher training programmes and mandatory continuing professional development (CPD) for teachers who are already qualified.
  • Providing funding for UK schools to implement a whole-school approach to nurture. 
School children eating in a nurture room
Nurture practitioner showing an emotion card titled 'surprise' with a young child by her side

Our work

Evidence-based and practice-led, we work across the education sector, to promote and embed nurture principles in schools and trusts, as well as at the level of local and national policy. This work spans several key areas:

  • Training practitioners to identify pupils’ needs and provide the right support.
  • Developing and providing resources to remove pupils’ barriers to learning. 
  • Helping schools and wider communities to foster a nurturing culture.
  • Working with policy-makers to ensure that no child is left behind.
  • Working with researchers and academics to evidence the impact of a nurturing approach to education.  

Our history

The nurture story began in 1969, when educational psychologist Marjorie Boxall first developed the concept of the nurture group. Following the success of her pilot, the nurture movement grew steadily over the following decades, and gained wider recognition through the influential Warnock Report of 1978, and the support of the Inner London Educational Authority (ILEA).

However, it wasn’t until the 1990s that the Department of Education made nurture groups part of its special education policy. Recognising the need to support the new wave of nurture groups, the AWCBEBD founded the Nurture Group Consortium – which became the Nurture Group Network in 2001. The Network grew through the 2010s, and – to reflect its wider ambitions – was renamed nurtureuk in 2018. 

A group of children looking intrigued
A young girl dressed as Snow White in a nurture group class

The last few years have seen a range of exciting developments at nurtureuk. After celebrating the 50th anniversary of nurture in 2019, we welcomed a new CEO, Arti Sharma in 2020 – just as Covid-19 was hitting the United Kingdom. In response, we swiftly adapted our services to be delivered online – determined to keep supporting nurture during lockdown, when it was needed by pupils more than ever. 

Today, nurtureuk continues to go from strength to strength. As well as expanding our teams, we’re stepping up our campaigning and policy work – building on our past achievements, to make nurture a cornerstone of education in the UK and beyond. Early in 2022 we will be sharing our strategy to take us to 2026.

Portrait of Sir John Timpson

Our patron

Sir John Timpson CBE

We’re immensely proud to have Sir John Timpson CBE as our patron.

Sir John Timpson CBE is the chairman and owner of Timpson, a UK shoe repair and key cutting chain with over 2000 branches. He and his wife Alex have three children, adopted two more and fostered another 90. In 2004, he was awarded the CBE in the Birthday Honours List for Services to the Retail Sector, and in 2017 he was knighted for his services to business and fostering.

Our funding and governance

A charity registered in England and Wales, and in Scotland, nurtureuk is managed by a Board of Trustees, drawn from education and other sectors.

Like most charities, we rely on a range of income sources. But unlike most charities, we’re mainly a trading organisation, and gain most of our income from selling our products and services. These include our text books, guides, training courses, events, paid membership plans and SEMH assessment tool, the Boxall Profile® Online. 

We sometimes apply for grants and sponsorship, and also welcome donations from individuals, corporate organisations and legacy donors. See some of our Supporters.

If you’d like to support our work, please contact us at info@nurtureuk.org

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