Terms and conditions

Payment methods we accept

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Cancellation principles

1. If you cancel an event less than 60 days prior to the event, you will be charged a late cancellation fee.

2. You can cancel a booking via phone and email or using our booking system. You can call and email us with your cancellation request. If any provided, please have your Order Number on hand when requesting a cancellation.

3. If you notify us of your cancellation prior to 5.00PM, 60 days before the event, nurtureuk will provide a full refund less 10% administration fee of the price including VAT.

4. If you notify us of your cancellation 5.00PM, 59 days prior to the event, nurtureuk will provide a 50% refund of the price including VAT.

5. If you notify us of your cancellation after 5.00PM, 30 days prior to the event, no refund will be provided.

6. If you cancelled a course it is extremely important that it is settled in full as soon as possible, as failure to do so could prevent you or your school from being able to attend other events, and further action may be taken. If you have any queries, please call the nurtureuk's head office to speak to someone in our accounts department.

7. If payment is not made, you or your school may become ineligible to book onto further places until payment is made, and failure to comply with the cancellation policy could result in further action being taken.

8. nurtureuk reserves the right to cancel any event up to a month prior to the event's initial date. nurtureuk will not be liable to cover or compensate for attendees' expenses should an event be cancelled. 


Transfer principles

1. At any point, up to and including the day of training, you can change attendee details.

2. Transfer to another course implies a transfer fee of £50 per place + VAT.

3. The transfer request will be honoured if there are enough delegates on the waiting list to cover the transfer and also places available on the course you want to be transferred to.


Failure to attend

In the event a delegate fails to attend the event, the delegate fee is still payable. Nurtureuk will not accept any transfer or refund request for the cost of the event.


Exceptional situations

Exceptional circumstances considered at nurtureuk's sole discretion will result in a credit note, not a refund.