The Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark Award (MBQMA)

This award recognises that a school is running a nurture group in a way that follows best practice guidance and principles. These principles are derived from the key six principles of nurture.

How is it awarded?

To be considered for an MBQMA, a Nurture group is assessed against a set of quality and performance standards, established and refined by key figures in the development of the Nurture group model, including Marjorie Boxall.

This set of standard has become known as the ‘classic Boxall’ model, trademarked in 2017 by nurtureuk, referred to as the Boxall Nurture Group®.

What are the benefits?

Evidence that a group is well run and having a positive impact, the award is useful for school inspections, as well as for school leaders and staff reflecting on effective practice and successful outcomes.     

A real honour for any school, an MBQMA not only recognises the dedication of the staff running a Nurture group, but that of the pupils the group is supporting.

Applying for the MBQM Award

Each award is valid for 3 years, after which a school must re-apply. The cost for both accreditation and re-accreditation is currently £395 (excl. VAT).


Application form and guidance COMING SOON.

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