Transition Tool Box

The move from primary to secondary school is one of the main transitions that a young person makes in the educational context. It will involve changes in classes and teachers, an increase in school size and staff numbers, different teaching styles and a broader curriculum. The social dynamics may also change and children may be faced with a more socially diverse population of young people.

The tool box is designed to support children during this process, helping to build the confidence, skills and the resources they will need to ensure a smooth and successful transition. It also provides teachers, parents and professionals working with young people with a comprehensive range of resources to develop the systems and protocols that also effectively support this process.

This publication is £60 including VAT (£50 excluding VAT).

Speaking about the new Transition Tool Box, Professor Barry Carpenter CBE, OBE, PhD, Professor of Mental Health in Education at Oxford Brooks University said:
“Transition is a challenging time in a school career for any child, but especially for those who are most vulnerable due to special needs or mental health issues. It is a traumatic phase for many children. In this beautifully designed toolkit there is a treasure trove of meaningful activities that would prepare all children for the challenges transitioning from one school to another may bring. The activities are carefully constructed, and thoughtfully focussed on the emotional well being of the child during the process. The design of each activity card is easily accessible to anyone working with the child; indeed they lend themselves to self selection so that children can decide for themselves which activity would build their emotional resilience in, and for, the transition process. I highly recommend this resource to all schools, and commend the author, Dr Tina Rae, for another excellent resource in the nurtureuk repertoire."