Bereavement Box

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by Dr Tina Rae

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‘Loss of a loved person is one of the most intensively painful experiences any human can suffer. Not only is it painful to experience but it is painful to witness…to the bereaved, nothing but the return of the lost person can bring them true comfort’ (Bowlby, 1988, Loss, Sadness and Depression).

Like adults, children and young people’s lives are often touched by painful events that suggest the impermanence of life. 

School and teachers are often one of the most stable features in a young person’s life. These adults are therefore often uniquely placed to help them develop their emotional skills, including the ability to effectively cope with change and loss.

The Bereavement Box explores the different stages of grief, as well as the range of responses we adopt to cope with it including;

  • Understanding the nature of the grief process and life cycles.
  • Remembering and celebrating through a wide range of exercises aimed at managing emotions through the different stages of grief.

Some cards are designed to be used by the child independently or with adult support while others are intended for the practitioner to lead the activity.

There are various exercises to complete that will help you to manage your emotions more effectively during these different stages of grief.The resource is beautifully presented on individual cards, while the accompanying booklet explains the rationale for the programme and provides some helpful delivery tips.

‘The Bereavement Box is a sensation! It offers teaching opportunities like we have never known. I did an activity in a training course last week, and the teachers were blown away’.

– Professor Barry Carpenter


Published: 2018
Publisher: The Nurture Group Network Ltd (nurtureuk)
Language: English
Format: 60 glossy cards and 34-page booklet in carton box
ISBN: Not applicable
Dimensions: 5 x 8 inches (A5)


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