The Boxall Profile Handbook (Revised)

The Boxall Profile is an invaluable resource for helping teachers to develop a precise and accurate understanding of children’s emotional and behavioural difficulties, and for planning effective interventions and support activities. The Boxall Profile Handbook was first published in 1998 as an essential guide to using the Boxall Profile and has sold thousands of copies worldwide. Updated with new case study examples and interpretations, The Boxall Profile Handbook (Revised) builds on the success of the original Handbook and brings the use of the Profile completely up-to-date. The Revised Handbook includes the Profile itself, with clear guidelines for its use and for interpreting the results. It gives case studies of children in serious difficulties, showing how the Profile can be used to create effective Individual Education Plans.

“The connection between unhappy childhood and later mental health problems is well evidenced. This new edition of the Boxall Profile Handbook is to be welcomed because it explains clearly the obstacles to good early development, how these can be recognised, carefully assessed and appropriate help given to children and their families so that they can grow up to live happy and fulfilled lives. This understanding is particularly important for children living away from their birth families who frequently have come through traumatic events in their young lives. The new edition will be helpful to the adults who work professionally with them and support their carers. Nurture groups show that early damage need not lead to problems in later life. They have a central part to play in creating a mentally healthy society.”
Professor Dame Sue Bailey, Consultant in Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry, President, Royal College of Psychiatrists.

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Note that the Boxall Profile has been restandardised in 2017 and an addendum to the Boxall Profile Handbook can be downloaded for free here. If you would like a paper version of the addendum, please contact Melisa at (postage & packaging, £2.50)