IJNE Volume 6 – 2020

The International Journal of Nurture in Education (Volume 6)

We are delighted to present the sixth volume of the International Journal of Nurture in Education - the only journal solely dedicated to research on the nurturing approach. We are proud of the contributions made by our authors who provide an in-depth examination of different themes dear to nurture practitioners. All contributions are subject to peer review.

Topics that are covered in this volume include:

  • Sylvia Lucas, one of the pioneers of nurture in British schools, reflects on how much practitioners contributed to the origins of the Boxall Profile®.
  • Maura Kearney and her colleagues report on the responses of a sample of parents/guardians and children drawn from a whole school nurturing environment.
  • Susan Davis and her colleagues report on a fascinating initiative in Wales where schools are working with local police force on a mini-policing scheme, informed by the nurture principles.
  • Andrea Middleton reports on the application of the nurturing approach in a natural context, linking nurture practice with the appreciation of nature, both of which have a positive impact on mental and emotional health.
  • In our final paper our nurture colleagues in Quebec, led in this case by Jean-Yves Begin, have engaged with the tricky issues of ensuring that the French language version of the Boxall Profile® is effective in properly identifying students that are facing difficulties.