The National Nurturing Schools Programme

Course details

Duration: 18 months
Fee: £3,350 per school (excl. VAT)*
Format: Online - mix of live sessions and platform-based activities. All elements of this course are online only, including the final assessment visit
Group size: up to 12 delegates (6 schools)

* Cost is split in two payments: £2,010 upon booking and £1,340 a year later. Once the order is accepted the school is committed to making both payments.

Course overview
What is nurture?

Nurture gets to the heart of a child’s challenges and supports children and young people to build connections and resilience. It is a highly effective way of supporting improved behaviour and increased attendance in schools, leading to better attainment and reduced exclusions.

What is a nurturing school?

A nurturing school is a place where pupils benefit from an approach that supports children and young people with their specific needs, with the heart of the school focus being that learning is understood developmentally based on the Six Principles of Nurture and the use of the Boxall Profile ® Online.

Parents benefit by being involved and welcomed in the school, in seeing the improvement in their childrens’ learning, behaviour, confidence and attendance, with a better outcome for their children both in and out of the school and classroom. 

Teachers benefit from having an opportunity to focus on their pupils’ individuality whilst ensuring the best social, emotional and academic outcome. Teachers will also enable a culture where every stakeholder’s voice counts. 

Schools benefit from showing their commitment to developing an ethos and culture that is inclusive, supports everyone in and associated with the school. 

Communities benefit from having a school that wants to be at the heart of the community and demonstrates its central role in children and young people’s lives.

Why nurturing schools are needed

There is a clear need for staff to take a new approach to teaching in the current climate and apply the nurture principles throughout the whole school.  From teacher to pupils, caretakers and parents. The Six Principles of Nurture– and their specific approach to Quality First teaching allow for more effective learning. 

Nurturing principles are based on valuing not only the pupils but also staff, parents/carers and other stakeholders, and seeks to understand and respect them as unique individuals. Evidence has shown how focussing on the child’s well being maximises their academic potential and improves school attendance. 

“Nurture is all of our responsibility.” - NNSP awarded school staff member at Ashford Oaks Primary School

“Nurture isn’t a room, it underpins everything we do, its inclusivity, its everybody’s role. I’m so proud of everyone.” NNSP awarded school headteacher at Ashford Oaks Primary School

What will I learn?
The National Nurturing Schools Programme (NNSP)

The National Nurturing School Programme is a two year journey for all schools aiming to support their pupils and stakeholders. Based on the six principles of nurture that have successfully underpinned nurture groups for over 50 years, this programme enables schools to develop and embed a nurturing culture that enhances stakeholder engagement. 

Participants are guided by experts who have extensive knowledge of nurture and its benefits and the ways it can best be implemented in school. Educators are given a framework that they can then fit to their individual settings. This is not about signing up to an off-the-shelf training course, but about considering a school’s core beliefs, the needs of its pupils, and its commitment to supporting them to achieve their very best. 

The NNSP gives educators the proven tools, training and support they need to implement nurture in schools and help children thrive. 

It is an essential criteria that the staff who attend include one Senior leader and one other staff member. The programme provides the opportunity to develop initial thoughts on how to plan the next steps to implement a nurturing ethos and culture throughout their whole school with guidance from our experienced nurtureuk consultants.

This is then followed up as a group at four months and eight months with a final one to one bespoke consultation at 12 months. 

The school can then apply for the award, where it is assessed against National Nurturing School Standards.

In addition each school receives 400 credits, to select from a menu of options which can be used for:

  • Extra 1:1 support with a nurtureuk consultant
  • Publication purchases
  • Additional training - other nurtureuk trainings and webinars

Boxall Profile ® Online

Schools will receive a 2 year subscription to the Boxall Profile® online (RRP from £650 - £1800 + VAT (depending on size) for the 2 years). 

This unique online tool assesses the social, emotional and mental development of pupils aged 4-18. It provides you with a precise picture of a pupil’s strengths, as well as any difficulties which could affect their learning. 

Why do we need to assess pupils’ wellbeing?

On average, over a third of pupils have some social, emotional or mental health (SEMH) need. For one in ten pupils, this need will be high, presenting as behavioural difficulties or diagnosable disorders like ADHD.

Assessments are designed to help professionals understand and work more effectively with children and young people, in a way that’s sensitive to the emotional and social wellbeing needs of the child or young person being assessed. Providing practical strategies guidance for use in the classroom to have a positive impact on teaching and learning.

An awarded schools commented:

“The Boxall gives you ownership, you can unpick the child’s behaviour and put strategies in place in class. It improves your understanding and your relationship with the child.” - NNSP awarded school staff member at Ashford Oaks Primary School

Included in the offer: 

  • Access to our on demand eLearning: Introduction to the Boxall Profile Online® course - 2 for the NNSP delegates and 10 additional credits for school use.
  • Each school receives the following physical resources:
  • Beyond the Boxall Profile® whole class strategies (Primary or Secondary)
  • Paper inserts for the Boxall Profile® (Primary or Secondary)
  • Programme  workbook
  • Programme resources
  • Code to access the Thinkific learning platform resources

Delegates are invited to pre-read the materials in advance of the session.

Assessment and certificates

Applications for assessment are between 12-18 month from the twelve month review meeting date and no later, unless you have officially requested an extension (with a valid reason) from [email protected].

A virtual assessment session (4 hours) will take place, after successful moderation of the application.

Individual delegates will receive attendance certificates for all sessions.


The National Nurturing Schools Programme is open to all school phases and types.

It is an essential criteria that the staff who attend include one Senior leader and one other staff member who can act as facilitators for this whole school programme.

The trained staff will need to roll this programme out with the support of the SLT to all colleagues in the setting. 

Successful schools include working with all staff members from onsite staff, education staff and all stakeholders in the local community. It is a collaborative relational approach.

“The nurturing approach is for everybody in every class, all of the time. We have endorsed and invested time, resources, training offerings and support for all to create this nurturing ethos.” - NNSP awarded school headteacher at Ashford Oaks Primary School

What delegates say


The course has been great, and left me feeling eager to get back to school and get started. You have delivered it with a lovely supportive manner that means I feel comfortable that I can come to you with any questions/queries.


I am pleased with the structure and resources which will help shape our whole school journey, and I appreciate the opportunity to share practice and have the time to reflect with other participants.


After yesterday, I have a realistic and achievable plan that will move us on as a school, me forward on the project and most importantly, the children will gain from it.


I found this really useful to refresh my knowledge and reflect on my practice. Good to be able to link with other local professionals too.