The National Nurturing Schools Programme

Children and young people are struggling with social, emotional and mental health issues like never before. An approach to learning that truly supports their needs is more vital than ever. 

Nurture gets to the heart of a child’s challenges and supports children and young people to build connections and resilience. It is a highly effective way of supporting improved behaviour and increased attendance in schools, leading to better attainment and reduced exclusions.

A group of school children walking and talking to each other

Our National Nurturing Schools Programme (NNSP) helps staff develop and embed a nurturing culture and ethos throughout an educational setting; enhancing teaching and learning, and promoting SEMH outcomes for the whole school community. It focuses on pupils’ emotional needs and development alongside their academic learning. 

Participants are guided by experts who have extensive knowledge of nurture and its benefits and the ways it can best be implemented in school. Educators are given a framework that they can then fit to their individual settings. This is not about signing up to an off-the-shelf training course, but about considering a school’s core beliefs, the needs of its pupils, and its commitment to supporting them to achieve their very best. 

The NNSP gives educators the proven tools, training and support they need to implement nurture in schools and help children thrive.