IJNE Volume 9 – 2023

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The International Journal of Nurture in Education (Volume 9)

We are delighted to present the ninth volume of the International Journal of Nurture in Education - the only journal solely dedicated to research on the nurturing approach. We are proud of the contributions made by our authors who provide an in-depth examination of different themes dear to nurture practitioners. All contributions are subject to peer review.

Topics that are covered in this volume include:

  • A nurturing approach in the early years: supporting implementation at a whole- establishment level. By Dr Larissa Cunningham and Maura Kearney, Corresponding author: Larissa Cunningham
  • Applying nurture as a whole-school community approach: an interim report into developing a universal programme to support the practical implementation of whole school nurture within a local authority in Scotland. Rachel Rennie and Leah Smart.
  • Primary school nurture group curriculums: an exploratory study of the curriculum in primary school nurture groups. Dr John Kirk.
  • Nurture – Is it too late? A research project into the effectiveness of nurture groups for boys with social, emotional and mental health needs in a secondary special school. Natalie Callahan