nurtureuk to offer new online training courses and webinars

We’re pleased to announce new training courses and webinars designed to support teachers and education professionals in working with vulnerable children and young people – particularly those with social, emotional, mental health and behavioural difficulties.


Learn how to use Boxall Profile Online child assessments

Our new 'Basic Boxall Profile Online Competencies' course takes the user from the very beginning of setting up Boxall through to whole-group and whole-school assessment views, so whether you’re new to Boxall or already have some experience you will find support in this easy to access training in five parts.

The course will be available from Monday 4th May 2020, 12.00pm, but you can sign up now from our online training platform.


The principles of nurture

Working with vulnerable children and young people calls on the particular skills and resources delivered by nurtureuk. Our first series of webinars are based around the six principles of nurture, how these relate to teaching standards and how staff can use specific resources such as The Bereavement Box, The Transition Toolkit and The Wellbeing Toolkit for Teens to engage and support those hard-to-reach children and young people. Other subjects include staff wellbeing and whole-group and whole-school strategies for those with SEBD/SEMH needs.

You can find all available webinars on our website.