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This bundle is for individuals looking to complete the assignment for the Theory and Practice of Nurture Groups course. The publications included in this bundle is all recommended as extra reading for completing the assignment and by purchasing them all as part of a bundle you will receive a 10% discount. The publications included in this bundle are:
The Kindness Principle: Making relational behaviour management work in schools

In an education system that too often reaches for the carrot-and-stick approach to dealing with poor pupil behaviour, an approach built on kindness and compassion might just provide the cure.
The Kindness Principle begins with the idea that relationships should be at the heart of behaviour management and culture and sets out the ways in which the adoption of relational approaches can help create safer happier schools. Schools where all staff and learners are valued and understood, where expectations and standards are high, and where kindness and acceptance matter.
The topics covered in the book include, restorative approaches, unconditional positive regard, building personal resilience, structure and routines, and the ins and outs of rewards and sanctions.
Suitable for teachers, school leaders and anyone working with children.

Attachment for Teachers
An essential resource for teaching professionals, Attachment for Teachers shows you a different way to manage students’ behaviour: by providing each pupil with an authentic attachment experience, you can make them feel that school is a place they belong, so they feel settled and safe enough to learn.
As an experienced teacher, educational psychotherapist, consultant and trainer for the British Council, Marie Delaney draws on her many years of experience working with pupils and staff in this insightful, but straightforward handbook.
Trainee and newly qualified teachers will be saved from unnecessary stress and anxiety, and more experienced teachers will find themselves returning to the book’s pages time and again.

Nurture Groups in School and at Home

This book explores how to engage pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in learning, both at school and at home. As well as explaining the social and emotional basis for learning, the book suggests practical strategies for helping young people to engage.
Authors Paul Cooper and Yonca Tiknaz present evidence of nurture groups’ success, from the perspectives of children who participate in them, their parents and the teaching staff who run them. By examining the factors that make a successful nurture group, the authors highlight some key best practice principles, including the importance of recognising and meeting a child’s emotional needs, and the pivotal role of the relationship between the teaching staff coordinating the group.
Nurture Groups in School and at Home provides essential information and clear, practical advice for teaching professionals running nurture groups in schools, as well as for parents and carers running them at home.

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