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As a membership charity it’s important to us that we are the voice of our members. We want to serve the needs of education professionals and the subsequent impact of nurturing education for children and young people.

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Why join us?

Over the coming months we will be bringing you many more membership benefits. We want to enable a two-way conversation so we learn what you need more of and can provide you with the tools, tips, networking opportunities and resources that you need - we’ll update this page as and when we have more to share. 

You’ll be joining a community of professionals who are passionate about using nurture to remove the barriers to learning. As part of this forum, you’ll have the opportunity to share your experiences, and get valuable insight and advice.  

Our new strategic goals demonstrate what we want to provide our members with: 

  1. Provide leading training, publications, resources and consultancy to educate the education community about nurture in education.
  2. Ensure our Research and evidence provides the best practice on nurture in education. 
  3. Be at the forefront for sharing and promoting good practice for excellence in nurture in education. 
  4. Be the advocate and lead campaigner on behalf of our members for nurture in education. 
  5. Provide a forum for our members to debate and investigate within education. 
  6. Support all practitioners through networks and information exchange opportunities to further champion nurture in education.
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By joining our membership, you’ll be supporting our mission to make nurture a cornerstone of education policy, so every child and young person gets the support they need to be the best they can be. We’re already taking this message to the UK government, and the more people that join us, the louder our voice becomes.   

As a nurtureuk member, you’ll receive:

10% off all our publications, courses and conferences

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