In loving memory of Mel Moczulski

4 February 2021

It is with a heavy heart that the world says farewell to Melissa Moczulski. Mel was a dedicated and passionate nurturer and together with Rose Cope, benefitted from and gave a lot back to the wider nurture community at nurtureuk’s training and annual conferences. Here, Rose shares some memories and thoughts from the parents and pupils who Mel worked with over the years. 

I was honoured to be her close friend and her colleague. We journeyed as a dynamic duo to gain Nurture School recognition for the school we worked at together. Her dedication to the pupils and families that she worked with could never be doubted and their thoughts and appreciation have been gathered to share with the family.

“She was the loveliest of souls, kind, caring and fun loving. She always had a kind word to share and some wise advice.”

“I have honestly never met anyone like her, oh Rose this is just so wrong, a huge hole in so many people’s lives, such an infectiously happy, positive force of nature……how can she just be gone?”

“She was an amazing person who did so much for Adam and Aaron. I have told them and they are so sad for her. Thinking of you and all of the others whose lives she touched (there must be so many out there).”

Parents from Kingsdown and Ringwould CEP School


Mel made time for everyone, each individual held a place in her heart. With the training and support we received from the team at nurtureuk we felt we had met kindred spirits. The nurture conferences were a highlight of the year, great connections and lifelong friendships were forged. Mel had a wonderful spirit and way of making everyone she met feel valued and cared for. She never really understood her own value and as with so many empathic people showed great humility.

“Our school community are devastated at this news and our thoughts and prayers are with Mel’s life partner, Pete and her two children.”

“Inevitably this will have a profound impact on many of our students.”

“Miss M. was a wonderful woman and one of the most caring people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  As the Pastoral Support Manager for Year 7, she treated the students as if they were part of her extended family and she greeted everyone with a smile and positivity.  My lasting memory of Mel will be of a loving woman who made me laugh with every single interaction.”  

“She was perfect for the role” – Mr MacLean (Headteacher at Christchurch Academy)

Mel was the most wonderful wife and mum, and instilled a strength of character and resilience in her children, which I know will enable them to overcome any adversity they meet. Her boundless energy and passion for life was tangible and not forgetting how multi-talented she was with interpretive dance, creative activities and gymnastics.

“Many staff members will be wearing bright colours today in memory of our precious Miss M.  She was always a vibrant lady, in outfit and personality.  It seems only fitting that we remember her in a way that would have made her laugh.”

Christchurch Academy Dover where Mel worked when she passed.  


I was sent this from a kind friend and I know it would have made Mel laugh.

Dear Mel

You may not know this but the trillions of atomic particles that are you were once part of a great star in the night sky- until it went supernova, exploded & scattered you across the universe. Since then you have assembled & reassembled many times. You’ve been a droplet of water in the ocean, all manner of living organisms & at least a billion of your atoms once belonged to Alexander the Great and Beethoven – whilst a fair few belonged to a turnip. But it wasn’t until your birth that the conditions of the universe were deemed perfect for every one of those particles to be meticulously assembled to create you. All the energy you’ve ever given out, every vibration and bit of heat that ever left your body will continue forever, warming & touching the lives of those around. So you see, you are immortal & when you’re gone, well, you’re not really gone at all; you’re simply a little disorderly again. For a while.

Love Rose


Nurtureuk want to thank Rose for collating these words to share with you all.
Thank you Mel for all you did to support the children and young people in your care, as well as sharing your passion and knowledge for nurture with the wider community as a workshop leader at our Summer Schools. Rest in Peace.