IJNE Volume 4 – 2018

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The International Journal of Nurture in Education (Volume 4)

We are delighted to present the fourth volume of the International Journal of Nurture in Education - the only journal solely dedicated to research on the nurturing approach. We are proud of the contributions made by our authors who provide an in-depth examination of different themes dear to nurture practitioners. All contributions are subject to peer review.

Topics that are covered in this volume include:

  • Dr Heather Geddes offers a review of her seminal work on the link between attachment and learning. Her paper gives a valuable introduction to attachment theory for those new to it and a useful reminder for those who are already familiar with the area.
  • Tristan Middleton voices the personal and professional impact of working with children with SEBD/SEMH in a nurture group. His research will no doubt reflect the difficulties many practitioners experience while working in a nurture setting.
  • Jennifer Burns and her colleagues evaluate the impact of nurturing interventions and funding provided to 15 schools as part of The Scottish Attainment Challenge. This study illustrates that enhanced nurturing approaches allow for a more nurturing ethos to become embedded across schools.
  • Christina Symeonidou and Dr Anna Robinson focus on pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorder and highlight the benefits and challenges autistic pupils may experience while attending a nurture group.
  • Dr Florence Ruby provides an estimation of the SEBD levels experienced by pupils in English primary schools and highlights the need for nurture to be more available in our schools.