Nurtureuk and SafeLives help to increase knowledge of domestic abuse in schools

28 April 2022

On Wednesday 27 April, nurtureuk invited SafeLives to join a networking event as part of our Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) programme. 

SafeLives is a leading UK charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse for everyone, for good. They work with organisations across the UK to transform the response to domestic abuse. 

In the UK, around 20% of children have been exposed to domestic abuse¹, and SafeLives found that just under half of those are being directly harmed by the family member². They developed the Safe Young Lives programme to discover, understand, design, and develop learning and interventions which are informed by the voice and experiences of children and young people. 

Statistics about young people and domestic abuse

Nurtureuk welcomed SafeLives to the event to increase knowledge and confidence in schools around domestic abuse, including young people’s experiences of domestic abuse in their own relationships, and as victims living in a household where it occurs. 

Young people are disproportionately affected by domestic abuse and the links between domestic violence and other violent crime, whether as a victim or perpetrator, are clear. Schools in our nurtureuk VRU programmes have spoken to us many times about wanting to increase their knowledge in identifying and supporting their young people: they know that amazing services and organisations exist but don’t necessarily know how to access them. We were therefore delighted to welcome SafeLives to one of our network meetings to talk about some of their programmes, specifically for young people who may be victims of, witnesses to, or perpetrators of domestic violence.” – Jenny Perry, VRU Programme Manager, nurtureuk

The session also included insights that aim to impact and improve the safety of young people, in addition to resources for use in conversations as well as in curriculums and networks.

For more information on the fantastic work that SafeLives do, please visit their website: