Bereavement Box

'The Bereavement Box is a sensation! It offers teaching opportunities like we have never known. I did an activity in a training course last week, and the teachers were blown away'

- Professor Barry Carpenter


'Loss of a loved person is one of the most intensively painful experiences any human can suffer. Not only is it painful to experience but it is painful to the bereaved, nothing but the return of the lost person can bring them true comfort' (Bowlby, 1988 Loss, Sadness and Depression).

Like adults all young people's lives are touched by an array of events that can suggest the movements of life provide very little stability. One of the most stable features in their lives for many young people is often the school context and the role of their teachers. It is these adults who can help them develop their emotional understanding in their skills in the area of emotional literacy. This may well include the ability to accept the changes they experience and the preparation and development of strategies to effectively cope with change and loss.

The Bereavement Box fully describes the different stages of grief as well as discussing the possible reactions to grief.

The box is beautifully presented on individual cards and the accompanying booklet also provides the user with the rationale for the programme and gives some helpful hints on delivery.

This publication is £60 including VAT (£50 excluding VAT)