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This bundle includes Dr Tina Rae’s ever popular trio of 60 Minutes boxes. Each of the 60 Minutes boxes are designed for both nurture groups and mainstream classroom. They are practical resources which are all beautifully presented on individual cards and are easy to organise and deliver.


60 Mindful Minutes

This introduction to the concept and practice of mindfulness aims to improve children’s life skills by helping them to:

  • Soothe and calm themselves;
  • Pay attention to themselves in the world;
  • Reflect on their action and relationships.

The practical resource is based on the insight that mindfulness isn’t just an abstract theory, but a concrete set of skills; in a busy, stressful world, these skills help us to become more fully aware of living right now, in the present moment. There is a growing research that this can have long-term benefits for both our health and happiness.


60 Sensory Minutes

The key aim of developing pupils’ sensory skills – whether or not they have additional or complex needs – is to improve their wellbeing and socialisation.

This programme is designed to help students to:

  • Engage in healthy social relationships;
  • Pay attention in learning context;
  • Manage anxiety;
  • Build their capacity to self-manage and understand themselves; and
  • Relax when it is appropriate to do so.


60 Motivational Minutes

This was the final part of the trilogy, this programme is designed to help children and young people to:

  • Learn the skills they need to build optimism and resilience;
  • Recognise and combat negative thoughts that can lead to low self-esteem and depression;
  • Understand that they can use certain ways of thinking to their advantage and that they have more control over this than they might initially realise.

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