The Boxall Profile® Bundle for Primary Settings


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We are excited to offer our Boxall Profile® bundle for primary settings which includes all the publications you require to assist you while completing the Boxall Profile® assessment tool.

The bundle includes the Boxall Profile® Handbook which has been recently updated, the Beyond the Boxall Profile® Strategies and Resources, and Beyond the Boxall Profile® Whole-Class Strategies.


Boxall Profile® Handbook (Revised 2023)

The newly updated handbook has an exciting new look for ease of reference. It has been designed specifically for quick reference when completing the Boxall Profile® assessment tool. The language has been upgraded within the assessment making it more user-friendly.

The new handbook also includes a section on communicating with parents and caregivers to ensure that all conversation are informed using the Six Principles of Nurture.


Beyond the Boxall Profile® Strategies and Resources

Written by experienced nurture group practitioners, this book is a compendium of useful practical ideas for teaching professionals who work with children in primary school settings.

The book offers ideas about the best way to engage with children in addressing their social and emotional needs, using insight gained from the Boxall Profile®.


Beyond Boxall Profile®: Whole-Class Strategies (for primary settings)

The Beyond the Boxall Profile: Whole-Class Strategies resource was created to provide simple but effective strategies that can be used throughout the school day (whether in the classroom or in small groups) to help children build the social and emotional skills they need to succeed, allowing them to engage with their own behaviour and learning and make the most of school.

More and more schools are keen to support the social and emotional wellbeing of all the pupils in their care, and to this end assess every child in their setting using the Boxall Profile®. For teaching staff, using the Boxall Profile® as a classroom resource allows them to establish where social, emotional and behavioural needs lie and can put in place strategies to target and respond appropriately to those needs. This will not only help the children, but will also help staff to implement what would be helpful and more effective interventions as part of teaching and learning. Staff will be able to support ALL pupils, while ensuring a focus on inclusive practice and removing barriers to learning.

The resources included in this book have been trialled, tested and specifically selected to be used within a mainstream classroom context to allow teachers to support the wellbeing of every child, while at the same time fitting within the curriculum.

This resource is suitable for mainstream primary and special settings.

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