BCP summer 2017 findings

22nd September 2017 - Dr Florence Ruby

In spring this year, we trained 40 pilot schools taking part in the Boxall Childhood Project to use the Boxall Profile to assess the SEMH of their pupils. We also raised awareness regarding the importance of nurture, attachment and neuroscience for teachers to better understand and respond to difficult behaviour and SEMH needs of their pupils. 

Schools were then given the summer term to train their staff and put in place systems to manage the assessment of all their pupils. In total 26 schools collected data for several year groups or for all their pupils, and overall we gathered more than 6,000 Boxalls over one term!

Summer 2017 findings 

Preliminary results show that approximately 1/5 of pupils had high levels of social emotional difficulties & 1/5 of children had high levels of challenging behaviours.


Many teachers who assessed their whole class are now aware of the scale of need and are better equipped to provide children with support. Using class overviews of the Boxalls, teachers can see at a glance which children are having difficulties and for which strands the whole classroom may need support (see below for an example of an overview - look at the last row for a count of all the children having difficulties for each strand).

Schools already report several benefits of measuring the SEMH of all their pupils:

  • Better identification of pupils’ needs: as all pupils are assessed, no-one can be missed.
  • Better support provided to pupils: because all pupils are assessed, everyone can receive some form of support. 
  • Improved teaching and teachers’ understanding of SEMH and behaviour: all teachers in the school are aware of the SEMH needs in their class and understand the link between difficulties in social emotional functioning, challenging behaviour and its consequences on attainment.  

Staff have given us great feedback about the benefits measuring the SEMH of all their pupils has in their schools. Click on the video below to watch a short clip of the feedback we received: 


Next steps 

From the feedback we received from schools during the summer term, we made several improvements to the Boxall Profile online to make the data collection process easier and more efficent for staff. With the new academic year which just started, our BCP schools are now getting ready to collect Boxall Profiles again! Over the autumn term, we'll provide support to staff to create classroom strategies to answer the needs of whole classes.  


Get in touch

If you want to know more about the BCP, how your school can get involved or how you can implement this across your local authority, please get in touch with Elisa Mascellani at elisa@nurtureuk.org.

To know more about the research behind the BCP and recent findings, you can download a research poster we presented in at the University of Reading during the conference "Mental Health in Schools" in September 2017. For further questions please contact Dr Florence Ruby at florence@nurtureuk.org