All the articles from IJNE Volume 2

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our second annual issue of the International Journal of Nurture in Education. In this second issue we are covering a range of topics that have particular implications for whole school or whole institution nurture. In addition many of them report on innovative practice. In addition the Foreword, written by one of the first nurture group practitioners Sylvia Lucas, recalls the early days of nurture groups and reminds us of the principles on which they were and are based.

Volume 2 is freely accessible here

Sylvia Lucas, Foreword

Jo Warin and Rebecca Hibbin, 'A study of nurture groups as a window into school relationships'

Claire Balisteri, 'Nurture groups and teacher-child relationships'

Tapo Chimbganda, 'Investing in student success through nurturing in universities'

Jenny Fraser-Smith and Kirsty Henry, 'A systemic evaluation of a nurture group in Scotland'


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