Engage pupils with confidence this school year

Are you looking to improve disruptive or aggressive behaviour in the classroom?
Increase children and young people's attendance at school?
Get students fully engaged in their learning?
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You know your class. We know behaviour.

Severe absence has soared by 134% when compared with pre pandemic levels and increasing numbers of children are arriving at school distracted and distressed, if they even make it into school at all.

We know that 75% of children and young people who experience mental health problems aren’t getting the help they need and this severely limits their ability to learn.

Pupils facing social, emotional, mental health challenges can be withdrawn and isolated, suffering in silence, others display hugely challenging and disruptive behaviour that significantly affects those around them.


What's the solution?

Better wellbeing equals better learning. Children can only learn when their social, emotional, mental health needs are met. Our online tool helps you achieve just that.

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