Snack Time Bundle

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Course details

Duration: 25 mins webinar over 3 sessions
Fee: £25 (including VAT)
Format: Platform-based, online
Group size: Individual

The Snack Time Bundle includes a pre-recorded webinar and digital copies of the Snack Time publication and Nurture Recipe Book.

The bundle focuses on the sharing of food in nurture settings and considers why it is such a vital part of nurture curriculum. It aims to explain the theory and research behind the snack time routine and will be helpful to nurture practitioners and those working with children with social, emotional, behavioural, mental health and speech and language difficulties to ensure that there is a whole school understanding of the rationale.

Snack Time Webinar

This webinar is for nurture practitioners who wish to expand their knowledge and understanding of Snack Time. It would also be useful for whole staff understanding of the nurture group and why the curriculum looks the way it does, with a focus on the sharing of food. Key areas include:

  • Why have snack time in a nurture group setting?
  • How can we measure progress and success? 
  • What does a best practice snack time look like?
  • How can we include nurture and national curriculum?
  • How can I learn more?

Snack Time Digital Publication

Sharing food is one of the most important parts of any nurture session, and many children have their breakthrough moments while sharing food. However, practitioners report that people unfamiliar with nurture group theory often have prejudices and misconceptions about this important snack time routine.

This short digital publication explains the role and benefits of snack time, and how it fits with attachment theory and the development of young people’s communication skills. It also offers practical tips on how to structure snack time effectively, as well as fun ideas for games and activities.

Recipe Digital Publication

This short digital publication includes lots of tasty recipes that can be used within your nurture group.  These recipes were submitted by nurture groups within the UK and some enthusiastic nurtureuk team members.

On completing the training, you will be able to download a digital certificate.

Anyone wanting to learn the importance of snack time within the nurture setting.