Alan Leaman OBE

Alan Leaman OBE is Chief Executive of the MCA (Management Consultancies Association), the representative industry body for UK management consulting firms. He leads the Association in its discussions with government and represents the industry in the media. 
Prior to joining the MCA, Alan specialised in communications, public affairs and campaigning. From 1988-93, he was Head of Office for  Rt Hon Paddy Ashdown MP, leader of the Liberal Democrats, responsible for media relations and policy advice and serving as Paddy's chief speech writer. He then worked as Senior Associate Director at Hill and Knowlton (UK) Ltd, before becoming the Director of Corporate Affairs at the ABI (Association of British Insurers). He worked at the ABI for seven years from 2001 - 2008, where he helped establish it in the national media as Britain’s leading trade association. Before any of these roles he also worked for a number of leading UK voluntary organisations and charities.