Arti Sharma

As someone who has always been passionate about education and the development of young people, I am really excited to be appointed a Trustee. I have had the opportunity to put that passion into practice in a variety of roles within the education sector; from teaching young children to marketing to students and mentoring graduates on their career aspirations. I look forward to sharing my experience with the team to help drive the mission and growth plans of nurtureuk.

I am a CIM qualified marketer, with 17 years on and offline experience, including strategy development, market research, digital marketing, social media, project management and people management. As an experienced senior marketer, I have developed marketing positioning strategies in numerous not-for-profit and commercial industries, including a new campaign for the British Council ‘Study Work Create’ aimed at encouraging students to work/study abroad.

I am currently the deputy chief executive at City Year UK, a youth social action charity and lead all of our external facing activities that include school sales, recruitment, partnerships, public affairs, communications and development - all skills and experiences that I can put into practice at nurtureuk!