Laura Lehman

Photo of Laura Lehman

Laura is nurtureuk’s head of marketing and communications and is responsible for the charity’s external relations. Before joining nurtureuk, Laura led communications for the charity Adoption UK. Prior to that…

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Wendy Roden

Photo of Wendy Roden

Wendy is nurtureuk‘s National Training Development and Innovation Manager. Wendy has a long career in teaching and in developing and supporting nurture groups. She joined nurtureuk Board of Management in 2010,…

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Victoria Norris

Photo of Victoria Norris

Over the past 20+ years, Victoria has built an extensive skillset in Primary Education, alongside her ‘past life’ as a Sales and Marketing professional. Although she originally qualified in Secondary…

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Tom Ryan

Photo of Tom Ryan

Tom is nurtureuk‘s Director of Products, Services and Impact, based in London, and leads on operations, including the work of the consultancy and training teams. Before joining nurtureuk, Tom worked…

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Melisa Brawls

Photo of Melisa Brawls

Melisa joined the nurtureuk team in 2014 and is based in the West of Scotland. After completing her BA Degree in Business Information Management she then went on to work…

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Jonathan Green

Portrait photo of Jonathan Green

Jonathan is a keen marketing enthusiast, with years of experience in both digital and traditional marketing and communications.  Jonathan began his career working in sales in the luxury cruise industry.…

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Jenny Perry

Photo of Jenny Perry

Jenny began working with nurtureuk in 2019 as a consultant trainer and soon after as the Programme Manager for the Violence Reduction Unit projects. Having spent 20 years as an…

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Harry Freeman

Photo of Harry Freeman

Based in Greater Manchester, Harry leads on the Nurturing Kent Project which is aiming to support Kent County Council’s County wide approach to embed the nurturing principles and practices across…

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Claire Wilson

Photo of Claire Wilson

Claire has been involved with nurtureuk for many years. She had a long career as a Nurture Group Practitioner and as an Associate Trainer for the charity, before joining the…

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