Nurtureuk launches new Snack Time Bundle!

15 March 2023

At nurtureuk, we are dedicated to improving the social, emotional, mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. We’ve been at the forefront of the nurture movement for over 50 years and we know first-hand the positive impact that the nurturing approach has on children and young people. 

We are delighted to release the Snack Time Bundle providing a pre-recorded webinar and two e-books: Snack Time and the Nurture Recipe Book.

The webinar focuses on the sharing of food in nurture settings and considers why it is such a vital part of nurture curriculum. It aims to explain the theory and research behind the snack time routine and will be helpful to nurture practitioners and those working with children with social, emotional, behavioural, mental health and speech and language difficulties to ensure that there is a whole school understanding of the rationale.

The accompanying publication Snack Time links to the webinar and has practical tips for making snack time a structured and meaningful event for children and young people. The final section collates anecdotal evidence courtesy of nurture leaders from groups around the UK and evidences important moments experienced at snack time and how they affected the child’s progress.

The Nurture Recipe Book contains a variety of tried and tested recipes shared by nurture practitioners, providing a bank of delicious delicacies to make in your nurture provision or at home with friends and family. The recipes are fuss-free, easy and fun to make in any nurture or school kitchen.

You can purchase the Snack Time Bundle via our website by clicking here. We hope you enjoy using your recipes and developing your snack time, and don’t forget to share your experience and pictures on our Facebook group!