Nurturing Kent Programme: 18 months on

22 March 2023

As we reach the 18-month milestone for the Nurturing Kent Programme, we are delighted to see the level of engagement from schools across the county. To date we have had expressions of interest from around 250 schools – over 80% of our target!

The fully-funded programme has been commissioned by Kent County Council to support a minimum of 300 mainstream primary and secondary schools to develop their nurture and inclusion practices. Each school is enrolled onto core nurtureuk courses including the Theory and Practice of the Boxall Profile®, the National Nurturing Schools Programme (NNSP), and the Theory and Practice of Nurture Groups. Schools also receive a two-year subscription to the Boxall Profile® Online, credits that can be exchanged for additional consultancy support, training, online webinars and publications, and access to networking opportunities.

We have been able to Boxall Profile® the whole school and implement strategies that are beneficially impacting whole classes. We have looked at these results and… included more nurture activities, which has resulted in the children spending curriculum time more focused and with more intent.” – Cohort 1 School

The programme is bespoke to each school, and celebrates the things schools are already doing well, whilst also identifying areas to improve and providing regular guidance and support. It ensures every child has access to an education that allows them to flourish both academically and socially. 

“Children have made expected or better progress towards their individualised targets or outcomes. Their individual needs have been well supported ensuring that they are able to access the classroom and attend to tasks, have greater self-regulation and strong, trusting relationships with staff members.” – Kent School