Karen Massey

A portrait photo of Karen Massey

Karen is a nurtureuk consultant who delivers the Theory and Practice of Nurture Groups training to which she brings her first hand knowledge and experience. Karen has worked within the English…

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Jess Balado

Headshot photo of Jess Balado

Over the past 27 years, Jess has worked in primary education, teaching all age groups from Reception to Year 6 as a class teacher, leading a range of subject areas…

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Nevada Smith

Headshot photo of Nevada Smith

Nevada has been teaching for over 30 years and had been privileged to work with all ages from nursery to Y11 pupils. She has taught in primary, secondary and the…

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Sarah Gristwood

Portrait photo of Sarah Gristwood

Sarah manages the relationships with schools on the Violence Reduction programmes for nurtureuk. She delivers consultancy and training services as well as working on the development of bespoke support packages…

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Nichala Johansen

Portrait photo of Nichala Johansen

Nichala has worked as a teacher for over 25 years, across primary, secondary and specialist settings. Nichala has been a Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher in three different settings and led…

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Suus-anna Harskamp

Portrait photo of Suus-anna Harskamp

Suus-anna focuses on delivering National Nurturing Schools Programme consultancy and training services. She has experience working in schools, specialist provisions and Local Authority advisory services to deliver whole school and…

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Zoe Cary

Portrait photo of Zoe Cary

Zoë is a great believer in the nurture principles and has seen first hand how life changing the approach can be for the young people she has worked with. Zoë…

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Lorna Love

Portrait photo of Lorna Love

Lorna has worked in Scottish Education for many years, as both a class teacher, across all stages from early years to upper primary, and as depute head within the senior…

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Rachael Mann

Portrait photo of Rachael Mann

Rachael is an Associate Consultant and Trainer for nurtureuk. Alongside this role, Rachael also manages and leads a secondary school nurture classroom in her hometown based in South Wales. Rachael…

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