Senior Mental Health Leads - The Theory and Practice of the Boxall Profile®

Course details

Course code: SMHL129
Duration: 9 - 12 months
Time: Variable
Fee: RRP £750, Special offer £600 Summer term 2024 dates

You could also be eligible for a grant of up to £1,200. Please see the Eligibility tab for more details.

Course overview

This training is part of nurtureuk’s six principles of learning and the whole-school nurturing approach, which has a key focus on the school and environment, and emphasises the balance between care and challenge which incorporates attunement, warmth and connection, alongside structure, high expectations and a focus on achievement and attainment.

It is intended for SMHLs to strategically plan their whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing, as it is essential to know the individual and group social emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs of pupils. This is where the Boxall Profile® Online subscription (included in this bundle for a period of 12 months) and the associated training will support the SMHL.

Voted by schools as the most popular assessment tool in the DfE’s mental health in schools survey (2017), the Boxall Profile® helps schools to take a public health approach to behaviour, by identifying needs, interpreting data, planning interventions and monitoring progress.

The Boxall Profile® training and school subscription to the Boxall Profile® Online, forms the core of this training offer. In addition to this, we look at other key areas identified in the Senior Mental Health lead requirements:-

  • Managing change
  • Parents, families and carers
  • Enabling student voice
  • Curriculum teaching and learning 

Accompanying resources:

  • 12-month school subscription to the Boxall Profile® Online - unlimited assessment for your setting 
  • Access to the Boxall Profile® Competencies Course (e-learning) x 2
  • Training workbook

Primary option:

  • The Boxall Profile® Handbook
  • Beyond the Boxall Profile® 
  • Beyond the Boxall Profile®: Whole Classroom Strategies 

Secondary option:

  • The Boxall Profile® for Young People Handbook
  • Beyond the Boxall Profile® for Young People
  • Beyond the Boxall Profile® Classroom Strategies
Course dates

You can select Cohort 1 or Cohort 2 dates, however all dates are fixed and will require attendance. 

Please note that the first session is an all day course, all other delivery dates are twilights 4-5pm and the consultancy timings are bespoke to each setting.

The Theory and Practice of the Boxall Profile®
Time needed: 6 hours full day of live training and 1 hour for lunch
Date: 22nd February 2024, 9am - 4pm

Staff Development Managing Change
Time needed: Live webinar - 1 hour
Date: 19th March 2024, Twilight 4pm - 5pm

Parents, Families and Carers
Time needed: Live webinar - 1 hour
Date: 16th April 2024, Twilight 4pm - 5pm

Enabling Student Voice
Time needed: Live webinar - 1 hour
Date: 7th May 2024, Twilight 4pm - 5pm

Curriculum Teaching and Learning
Time needed: Live webinar - 1 hour
Date: 19th June 2024, Twilight 4pm - 5pm

Beyond the Boxall Profile®
Time needed: Live webinar - 1.5 hours (This session will split the group into two as you will bring a colleague to attend the session) - afternoon sessions x2 for one cohort.
Date: 4th July 2024 or 9th July 2024, Twilight 4pm - 5:30pm (Please be available for either date)

Time needed: 1 hour consultancy
Date: Bespoke - as required. 

What will I learn?

When used across the whole school to assess all pupils, the Boxall Profile®:

  • Provides a framework for the systematic assessment of pupils.
  • Allows better planning and understanding of students, whether this be on an

individual, small group, class or bigger group basis.

  • The outcomes of the assessment aids identifying the correct allocation of funding and resources in school.
  • Supports an evidence-based, whole-school approach that promotes positive mental health and wellbeing across the school.

This programme will equip SMHLs with practical tools and strategic approaches to put in place in their setting. SMHLs will be able to:-

  • Recognise the importance of SEMH for pupils’ wellbeing and its’ impact on learning and attainment.
  • Feel confident in using the Boxall Profile® to assess, plan and implement SEMH support for their pupils, whether this be on an individual or group basis.
  • Develop a strategic plan to become part of the school's main assessment timeline, to ensure SEMH needs are tracked alongside key academic subjects.

The Boxall Profile® is an invaluable tool for assessing pupils’ social, emotional and behavioural needs in order to support their future development.

In addition there will be learning focusing on:-

  • Staff development managing change
  • Parents, families and carers
  • Enabling student voice
  • Curriculum teaching and learning 

N/A - there is no assessment for this course.


This course is suitable for beginners, and is applicable to primary, middle, secondary, further education, and alternative provision contexts. It will be delivered online, with self-paced and real time elements.

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